To me her fearless defiance of societal norms and her disregard for consequences was even more inspiring. Even as a Rajput princess she sang and danced in public, in spite of popular customs like the purdah and mixed freely with worshippers of all genders and castes.
She opposed tradition on the death of her husband and refused to commit Sati, insisting her true spouse was always Krishna, her heart and soul belonged to him.
The only woman bhakti saint amongst her male counterparts, she defied conventions with courage.

As a metaphor she couldn't be more relevant today, an icon for women that fight daily to make their own choices to live fulfilling, independent lives on their terms

An ode to all the women that are marching to the beat of their own drum, our hand woven silk saris are dedicated to all the gentle non conformists, to be both fierce and feminine.

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