INDESSENTIAL- Redefining Indian Essentials

Reshape your Closet

Our pret offering this season is the second part of our Indessential trilogy and as always, an extension of what we believe in. The brand's focus has always been considered clothing for women that care more about personal style than fashion.

For this reason, our clothes are not inspired by the past, most certainly not by fashion and especially not by trends.

The idea has always been, to pen a vocabulary that is relevant now and one that can become a reference for the future. The hope is that the clothes we propose will transcend seasons because the language is distinct, and the signature authentic.

I design minimal and easy, layered separates because this is what I like to wear, and each time I style a collection it is an insight into how I would put these different components together. As our clothes are not a result of a curated team of creative directors, designers and stylists, the garments remain a cohesive extension of one design voice; mine.

This makes everything consistent and therefore, also ageless. Which in my opinion is paramount, as this element alone allows us to slow fashion just a little bit.

If we can suggest clothes that are pertinent now and in the future then we can wear them for longer, as staples, and team them with what we already have in our closets. This way we can have our wardrobes evolve seamlessly. We must repeat, reuse, and rewear.

To me this is the ideal way to be truly sustainable, to be able to buy less but buy better, to wear with care and for longer, to reduce how much we waste and reconsider how we shop.

In an effort to do this, apart from our colour blocked silhouettes in our signature shapes, we also redesigned some of these garments in textiles that were the building blocks for our line of Saris and Little Saris, which were recently released.

This season we also launch an extensive range of hand woven dupattas. All the hand woven silks, linens and brocades are crafted by our artisans in Bhagalpur, West Bengal and Benaras.

Our label is deeply rooted in an aesthetic that is Indian, but its spirit rises above our obvious cultural trappings.

The aim was to try and redefine Indian essentials our way, in an effort to make them the voice of a new India.