Our festive collection this season is a continuation of our pret line inspired by the semi nomadic matrilineal tribe, the Tuaregs.

The palette of their clothing against their natural habitat inspires our colour story.
Shades of cobalt, ultramarine, indigo, charcoal and amber are hand woven in silk and organza with gold metal thread and accessorized with brass metal jewellery from our sister brand Tachi.
Our hand woven textiles are crafted keeping in mind the shapes and symbols of traditional Tuareg silver jewellery.
These become the foundation of the motifs for our silk brocades as well as our accessories.

I chose to marry all our developments in Benaras this season. New studies in brocades, traditional in their vocabulary and others with more contemporary motifs from our spring summer line, are teamed with our most current geometric explorations from the Tuareg culture.

The idea was to be able to seamlessly pair something new with something old. And to give our customer the option to update their wardrobe without having to replace what they love.
In this way we continue to support our philosophy of mixing and matching separates even within our festive edit.

In addition to our signature silhouettes in brocade this season we introduce two new lengths of brocade skirts, a shorter more playful length and an ankle length one.
Woven on dedicated looms that are designed and patterned to be crafted one panel at a time, they are conceptualized using traditional methods, but allow us to relook at the versatility of brocade lehengas in a more contemporary context.
We also introduce our engineered brocades to complement our classic all over repeats in this collection, for a look that is both minimal yet luxurious. Plotted meticulously with each design planned for specific garments, they are a special labour of love for those who enjoy colour but also the drama of the woven gold thread.

This collection like all our others, keeps in mind our brand DNA - clothing for women that are looking for design that is rooted in tradition but with a strong relevant voice.

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