Dotted with jasmine blossoms and punctuated with parrot motifs, this collection announces the arrival of spring.

Inspired by the story of Lord Kamadeva, the God of Love, it is an ode to the romance of spring flowers and a gentle summer breeze.

In Hindu mythology, Lord Kamadeva was often depicted as a handsome young man with green skin. He rode on his companion the parrot, wielding a bow made of sugarcane and arrows decorated with five flowers - the jasmine, a white lotus, flowers from the Ashoka and mango tree and the blue lotus flower.

And the palette borrows from this imagery. The green from his skin and of his parrot, with the red from the bloom of the Ashoka tree and the yellow of a mango blossom, accentuate the subtle shades of ivory and jade from the jasmine flower. A dusty pink with a powder blue from the lotus, complete the colour story.

Our handcrafted mulberry silk saris, hand-woven khadi, chanderi, silks and organzas are teamed with linens and cottons printed with jasmine buds and blossoms. Some configured as all over floral designs and others replicated and engineered to mimic stripes and checked patterns.

This collection of easy separates marries the soft with the strong. In silhouette, colour and pattern it echoes a mood that is fragile yet bold, perfect for a season that brings new life and with it, love.

From our sister brand Tachi, our accessory this season is the striking Indian parrot crafted in brass. Stylized, it makes a minimal yet dramatic statement for a relaxed summer wardrobe.

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