Our focus on signature engineered silk brocades continues with this release. Exclusive to our label, they are woven by hand, but they are unique to our brand for a reason. 

Each loom is constructed keeping in mind, the individual pattern of its distinctive silhouette.  Every detail of the neckline, including the yoke, borders, the body, the sleeves and hem is plotted, graphed and carded from inception. 

Mapped meticulously on a loom, it becomes the blueprint that gives these special brocade garments an illusion of embroidery, except with the quiet luxury of a hand woven textile.

After much research and development as with the lehenga, we apply this precise method now to design and draft our brocade kurtas, blouses, palazzos and trousers. This allows us to use a traditional, time honoured craft to create pieces that are truly one of a kind. 

And that are always both, minimal and modern.

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