This year spring summer is inspired by all things geometry.

The starting point of this collection was less romantic than it might seem. My daughter is 6, learning about shapes in school and since art mimics life, in this case it was just a day to day homework assignment that jumpstarted it all.I was always very fond of geometry class in school (mostly because it involved some drawing – my first love) The nostalgia of my metal geometry box, the compass, the set square, the simplicity and complexity of shapes, it was the perfect way to begin this story.

There were also, my constant sources of inspiration, artist and sculptor Richard Serra and artist Franz Kline steering the direction of the collection. Serra’s enormous yet minimal metal sculptures move from flat shapes into 3 dimensional structures in such a poetic way and Kline is such a bold painter, his artworks are such an evocative play of negative and positive space. My hope was to translate these qualities and channel them humbly into the clothes and accessories somehow.

So a focus on shapes – circles, triangles and my favourite the mostly ignored parallelogram took center stage. Repeats, lines, symmetry, asymmetry and angles are echoed across the clothes, including the silhouettes, hand woven artisanal details as well as the tailoring.

We continue our work with our weavers in Varanasi, this time customizing our patterns to carry forward the theme. The motifs are woven in metallic gold and silver thread in geometric patterns to keep them traditional but also contemporary.We also worked extensively with our craftsmen in Bengal, added a shuttle to the weaving process, and after a season of research and development, colour blocked mulberry and matka silk textiles diagonally, with better drape and fall for the saris and for our garments.

In addition to our layered separates and saris, this season we will also showcase our recently launched handcrafted line Tachi, this will include leather accessories, bags and belts. Keeping with the story these have been designed from simple 2 dimensional shapes, with keen attention to bold shapes and negative spaces.

We will also introduce a new line of brass and leather jewelry that will accompany our signature house aesthetic, specifically designed to complement this line.This will include rings, necklaces, earrings, nose-pins, bangles and anklets that are bold, modern and minimal.

Keeping in mind zero wastage, many of the accessories are fashioned from negative spaces, so that a circle punched from a square bangle becomes a circular pendant.Several garments are also sewn purposefully from an uninterrupted square or rectangular piece of fabric. Diagonally cut fabric allows the leftover triangular shape of one garment to become the triangle in another.

This allows us to contribute in a small way to sustainability and also makes the design process a bit more challenging and peppered with happy accidents.A palette of whites is punctuated with sorbet colours. Coral, fuschia, citrine, chartreuse and blush are highlighted with metallics, vintage gold and silver this season.Textures will range from cottons, linens, permanent pleating, lightweight hand woven silks and neoprene to silk organzas and handcrafted brocades.

It’s our version of resort wear –distinct and relaxed shapes, fierce yet feminine, coupled with menswear elements for a comfortable, luxurious option that is simple and sensible.One that can take you from a summer vacation to a summer wedding.

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