This limited release of 20 jamdani saris, woven by hand in silk and silk organza, is an exploration of a craft typically woven in fine muslin. Of Bengali origin, it is one of the most time and labor intensive forms of hand loom weaving. Each sari takes the artisan three weeks to weave.

The central idea was to rethink a legacy skill in a context that was entirely new.

To this end, not only are the saris woven in our signature colour blocked silks, the scale of the traditional motifs which are typically smaller, either floral or geometric, have been completely redesigned. As an extension of our modern aesthetic, original artworks were created to be exaggerated and graphic.

The meticulous process uses a supplementary weft technique, additional two inch strips of the pattern graph are laid underneath the loom. Then thousands of dots in watercolour, are inked on the woven warp to recreate the pattern on the yarn itself. The weft is later interlaced with a wooden shuttle, as the artisan arduously uses the marked guidelines to weave the pattern along with the silver and gold metallic yarn. Using a separate metallic needle it makes the shimmering pattern float on the silk.

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