Our spotlight this release is on the chrysanthemum.

It's bold shape and multiple flower heads that make the petals, give it a distinct shape and structure, perfect for our signature colour blocking. The chrysanthemum is said to have several medicinal properties in Asian cultures and symbolises rebirth, longevity and even death across different parts of the world.

I've always loved the form of this particular flower, with it's long curved petals. It was a great beginning to play with scale and colour, after my initial explorations of line drawings and studies of the anatomy of this flower.

In a palette of teal, cobalt, scarlet, olive, magenta, mustard, ecru and coffee, our graphic chrysanthemums are printed on hand-spun cotton, linen, handwoven silk, poplin, viscose and organzas.

So for the summer, we created our own private little garden, where the chrysanthemum blooms larger than life, bursting with colour.

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