This season my muse is a little bolder.

She is statuesque, sensuous, uninhibited, elegant. She marries menswear essentials with more feminine elements to create her own design voice that is neither masculine, feminine or androgynous. Mostly because her personality is defined by neither and her spirit embodies them all.

The emphasis is on shape but proportions are paramount. The silhouettes have a structural quality, but become softer and more fluid to accommodate the human form. In addition to the geometry, draping, and pleating, architecture is central to the design process this season but not in an obvious way.

Also a concerted focus is on space, not just between layers of different textures and fabrics, but also between skin and the garment. So careful attention is given to comfort and fit. Natural fabrics allow the skin to breathe, silhouettes maximize all shapes and textures float around the skin with ease so the body can relax.

We also continue our association with master craftsmen in Bengal to create a unique selection of hand-woven textiles and saris.

White generously punctuates and compliments our signature colors this spring summer.

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