A fine balance

In a world where identities are often borrowed this collection celebrates the spirit of the gentle non-conformist.Unapologetically feminine and fiercely resilient, she is not defined by her physicality. She embraces her imperfections and celebrates her contradictions.

With a distinctly Indian soul her style is effortlessly global; and in a way that is neither predictable nor overt, her aesthetic is subtly rooted in her culture.She is an intelligent woman with a refined sense of luxury, and one that willnot sacrifice her comfort for it.

As a natural progression of the brand aesthetic, this season we introduce a collection of saris. Set in a contemporary context, with its origins firmly planted in our abundant heritage, the saris are an extension of the brand’s core philosophy - understated elegance. Meticulously handwoven by master craftsmen, exquisite silk yarns are immersed in our rich legacy of colour.

In a world of conspicuous consumption, restrained yet dramatic, this collection is a testament that less can indeed be more

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