In a land where woman is king.

This premise, in a modern day context sets the stage for our Autumn Winter 2016 Bridal Collection.Our muse as always is strong and not content playing princess. She would much rather be king.I imagine her as a powerful yet gentle monarch, not afraid to embrace her graceful side, but also not reluctant to be a leader.

As part of this communication and to support the idea of the new king, we use the lion as an integral motif this season. Also known as the king of the jungle, the lion represents courage but also stateliness. Our national emblem, and more recently as the face of the Make In India campaign, it is the perfect icon to reinforce our message.

We draw from our country’s invaluable resources in craft and our unparalleled cultural legacy, but this collection transcends geographical boundaries in its spirit and is inspired by the woman of today.She has a voice. She makes decisions. She has a career. She is a mother,a caretaker, or all of the above. She battles to be treated as an equalbut is charting the future across diciplines, be it politics, sport, business or at home. Sitting pretty in fussy clothes, looking like a doll is just not enough.She has a refined sense of luxury but will not sacrifice her comfort for it.

Our silhouttes echo this thought and keep our interpretationof the new emperor relevant. Softer draped fabrics are coupled with more structured menswear essentials to highlight this dichotomy.

It is not an effort to recreate the past.The idea is to reimagine a language that is new, which can hopefully,be a reference for the future.This is why we do away with the dupatta traditionally draped on the head, but we retain it for its drape, its versatility, its drama and reinvent it in our pleated textures. Our muse, our bride, is not modest. She is king.

As modern day armour we accessorize our new emperor in minimal yet dramatic brass accents that reinforce our brand’s philosophy - always fierce but also feminine.

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