The poppy signifies several things to different people across cultures.

Peace, love, loss, success, remembrance, recovery...even restful sleep.

As a metaphor for life and death and everything that comes in between, the poppy as a symbol was the ideal motif to start my play with colour, form and abstraction.

Flawed yet beautiful, the artwork is a tribute to the magic of nature, akin to all the tiny imperfect details that shape a blossom.

A reminder that even from a broken petal, a blemished leaf or a stem slightly bent, can still emerge an extraordinary flower.

Coming on the heels of a difficult time, this release is for all the dreamers that find perfection in the imperfections, and look for hope especially when seemingly, there is none.

By choosing to see the good even in the bad, it also celebrates that childlike spirit within each of us, and a certain lightness of being we all aspire to have.

To life, fragile and fleeting.

And to new beginnings, both bold and bright.

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